Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings

* Versatile, high quality, extra space that is cost-effective, straight forward and quick to install
* Containex is the market leading modular building system for medium to long term use
* Specialist consultation and advice, including building regulations and guidance
* Comprehensive after-sales support

Modular Office Buildings

Modular buildings can also be used to extend an existing office or create a standalone modular office building. Their flexibility offers a solution for an expansive open plan site or just a single room. Growing staff numbers or introducing a new department? Rather than invest in a permanent, costly, long term construction, modular office buildings could be the answer. They can be fully adapted internally and externally to suit the short term or permanent requirements of your organisation.

Companies don’t only make use of modular buildings for office work space. They can also be used for:
- Break out rooms
- Canteens
- Shower blocks
- Security offices
- Locker rooms
- Meeting space
Could a modular building be the answer for your business? Contact our team today to make a no obligation enquiry.

Benefits of Service

  • 1 Storage Space
  • 2 Offices
  • 3 Ablutions
  • 4 Camps
  • 5 Accommodation
  • 6 Classrooms
  • 7 Tuckshops
  • 8 Kitchens
  • 9 Laboratories
  • 10 Refrigeration
  • 11 MCC and Switchgear units

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