Our Delivery Services


Our design engineers at Rhodes Containers convert units that are portable and can be delivered anywhere in the world. This characteristic brings the ease only a converted container can provide. As soon as a unit is delivered to you, it can be used readily. If you are already an owner of any container conversion type but want to relocate your unit, we at Container Structure are more than happy to help you.

Container transportation

Our container transportation service involves shipping the furnished containers to the purchaser whether by land, air or sea. We ensure the “no damage” guarantee because we are experts in handling the units until it is safely handed over to its new owner. We also take into consideration your specification, so that we can deliver the type of unit you had in mind. The mobility of our units inspires us to create more types of container conversions to accommodate the growing needs of people all over the world. We aim to produce quality units that are both sturdy and cost-effective so that it can be afforded easily by anyone looking to own or rent a container for their satisfaction.

Container relocation service

We know that there comes a time when a person starts to consider changing addresses. It can be for a variety of reasons: career shift, safety and security, health, more opportunities and other factors that can prompt you to relocate. We are here to support you. Rhodes Containers is always ready to move your unit anywhere you want and at the timeframe that you expect to make the change. Our container relocation service covers the bare necessities for moving your container unit. We can expertly handle your shipping needs, and we make sure that your unit would not wear and tear during the journey. Aside from the certified strong frame structure of your converted container, we can also guarantee 100% relocation safety for your unit. Rhodes Containers is your trusted partner in container relocation service, and we are always ready to serve you